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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, April 30, 2002


OK--Another setback.
But, I am undaunted. My head bloody, but unbowed, I will persevere.

But it's not as easy as it seems! I still love my husband.

And that's the way I still think of him. I have to force myself to say 'Ex'.

Ex! Ex! Ex! Ex!

It's probably because we're still sleeping together and going out.
We went out last night to shoot pool as a matter of fact. He still says 'I love you' to me which hurts, 'cause I love him too.

It's like pulling off a bandage slowly. 'Cause he's got the new guy, right?
He tells him he loves him too!


I'm not gonna be myself until I get out.
I'm just a big ol' mess right now.

Monday, April 29, 2002

In A Flux

Well, it turns out I didn't get the place I wanted because the rent was late a couple of times at my current apartment. I think that's baloney! I mean, sure it was late--but it and the late fees were paid. It's not like I got evicted or anything.
I'm still looking. I really want this place on St. Paul street, but that's not available until June 1st. We'll see what happens.

OK--stuff that's happened recently:

Still sleeping with the Ex-husband. We've been "fooling around" almost every day and it's been wild---and passionate too! It's just like when we first got together.
I wonder what his new boyfriend would say if he knew?
Maybe I should tell him?
Or maybe he'll read about in here. If so, I hope it ruins his day!
Am I bitter? You bet your life I am!

I an such a jerk!!! I washed the jeans with David's party invitation in them! Totally ruined! (I cursed myself for awhile after that!)
I don't have his phone number, or email, or anything! *Grrrrrrrr!* So David, if you read this send me an email, OK?

Packing all my things up in boxes to prepare for the move. It's exhausting just to think about it.

Went to the Hippo Saturday night. Met this cute guy named Stanislav from the Ukraine. Very hot. He wanted to go to my place, but I couldn't do that still living with the Ex. So I just went home. Had sex with the Ex (sounds like a rap song lyric--doesn't it?) which was very nice.

Worked like a dog all weekend, but made oodles of money. I'm gonna need all of it for the big move, I'm sure.

Well, gotta go. I'm still apartment hunting. I gotta call Nikki about the St. Paul street apartment, and then pack some more--and then go to work!


Tuesday, April 23, 2002


I found an apartment!!!

It's a studio in Mt. Vernon with gas, electric, heat and hot water included at a price I can actually afford!

I'm dropping off the rental application (and $25 non-refundable application fee) tomorrow morning!
It needs alot of work, though--but when I get done it should be very cute!

I hope I get it!

Wish me luck, OK?

Monday, April 22, 2002

Gays Of Our Lives

Sometimes life is like a soap-opera.

OK! *cracks knuckes* Here's the scoop:
It's totally over between the husband and I.
Really. Totally. Over.
After breaking up and getting back together more times than I can count, the fat lady has finally sung.
The opera is over.

If I said it was easy, and that I wasn't upset or didn't cry, I'd be lying.

I've got so much to do!
Like moving out, for instance. I'm 'bout to go on a massive apartment search.

Then I have to see about getting utilities turned on, packing (ugh!) and moving (double ugh!) my stuff, buying a bed or futon.

Too much stuff!!!

OK- Things that happened recently:

After I blogged, the Ex (I guess I have to call him that now) and I talked about me moving out.
He said he wanted me to move out as soon as possible so his new boyfriend (!) could move in. It was actually very civilized.

I had to work that night and I had all these things on my mind. I was Super Server at work working extra hard so I wouldn't have time to think about anything else. The upside to that is I made very good tips!
When I got home from work the Ex wasn't there. I really didn't wanna be there at the apartment, so I decided to out for a drink or two.

Went to Leon's first for a quick one, then over to the Hippo. The Hippo was packed and I saw people I hadn't seen in ages. First there was Peter, who I dated briefly before I met Danny (the guy who I was with before the Ex). He gave me a big bear hug that lifted me off my feet. Wow!
Then there was Steve who I worked with at a resturant years ago, and he gives me a big hug too---which also lifts me off my feet.
It was definetly my day for big hugs!
That was fine with me--I needed cheering up.

Then I saw Alex who I've had the biggest crush on for years!
We flirt outrageously, and I think he likes me, but either I have a boyfriend when he doesn't or vice versa. Or course, he was there with his new boyfriend, Trevor.

Then I saw David.
We've known each other for awhile but never "hooked up". He invited me to a party (or "social opportunity" as he called it) he's having at his place in a few weeks.
Well, it was last call and he invited me to his place and I said yes.
Yes, I went home with him. Yes, we did the dirty deed.
I guess the reason that it happened was that I was feeling upset at everything that happened between me and G., I was feeling hurt and vulnerable, plus it was a way of getting back at him for cheating on me repeatedly and lying to me over and over.--Plus, I wanted to--he's sexy!

"Wonder Boy, you slut!" I can hear you saying.
Mea Culpa, OK?

Anyway, it was really nice. Very hot!!! *WOOF!!!!* (I don't "kiss and tell", so don't look for graphic details. If you want porn try Nifty Erotic Stories!)

No sooner than David dropped me off at home and kissed me goodbye (*WOW!*), I had to get ready for work.
Bleary-eyed I arrived at work and it was horrible!

See, I work with my Ex and no sooner than I got there he was asking me all this stuff like:
"Where were you last night? Why didn't you call to say you wouldn't be coming home? Didn't you think I'd be worried?"
and he demaned to know what happened, so I told him.
The Truth.
He was furious!

At one point, I actually thought he was going to hit me.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!" he yelled.
It turned into this big shouting match outside the restaraunt. (It was just really bad. Does the word "drama" mean anything to you?)
After work, and we had calmed down some, we had a heart-to-heart talk which left me crying like a baby.

I can't help it. I still love him. I think a part of me always will.

Anyway, now I have to go and continue my apartment search. I'll keep you posted!

Saturday, April 20, 2002

Everybody Knows, Even The Ones Who Don't

I walked around downtown to clear my head. I'm confused, bewildered, and a little stunned right now.
I went to the One Stop Shop on Howard Street and got a Diet Pepsi Twist and a glazed donut. (I figure one cancels out the other.)

Lots of stuff went down with me and the husband last night and it wasn't pretty!

All the arguing, and the bitterness, and the problems relating we've been having just came to a head.
It got pretty ugly.

Honestly, I don't know where things stand at this point.
It's kind of ironic, considering when I blogged last (just yesterday!) everything was fine. Just goes to show you how quickly things can change!

    Here's what went down:
We were having a discussion (argument) and he revealed to me he had cheated on me with a "friend" of his over a year ago!

I was stunned from just hearing that.

Then he went on to tell me that he was currently having an affair with the 20 year old guy named Jeff that we met at a New Years party (2001) and that he was leaving me to be with him!!!

The thing that really pissed me off though, was the fact that I suspected something the whole time and when I asked G. about it he said
"Have I ever given you any reason to distrust me? You're being paranoid."
The thing that bothers me the most is that I bought it!
I believed him even though the voice in my head knew there was something going on.
(Don't ask me how I knew. I have a kind of 6th sense about these things.)

Then, on top of that, it turns out that everyone else knows what's was going on.
I was (as they say) the Last to Know. I feel like everyone is laughing at me behind my back.
I find that kind of hard to swallow too.

There's more to this story, but I'm not going to get into all the gory details just yet (and believe me, it's pretty gory!) but I will soon.

Note to UrbanBaltoBoy: Thanks for the info. You opened my eyes.
Note to Swedish Joe: Thanks for your support.
Note to G-Man: Does the word "sanctimonious" mean anything to you?

I'll blog more later when there's more to report, OK?

Friday, April 19, 2002

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy

Took this quiz to see what flavor of Ice Cream I would be. Here is the result:
You are:
"You are sociable and fun. You like to party and you are known for your outgoing and confidant personality!"
The irony is that chocolate is my least favorite flavor of ice cream.

I had a GREAT night with the husband last night.
After the husband was finished with the banquet we went to the Allegro for a cocktail and then over to Leon's for another. There's a cute new bartender at The Allegro named Brooks. Talk about yummy!!!
After that we came back home and spent some "quality time" together.

Back to work tonight, which is good, I need to make some money!

Thursday, April 18, 2002


As I sit here and type this, the smell of cheese steaks from the sub shop next door is wafting through the window, practically making me drool.
And I just came back from the Subway sandwich shop with the husband!
They just smell so damn good!!!!

Everything's all right with me and the husband. We had a little arguement. Nothing Earth-shattering. We've been through much worse--believe me!

The banquet-thing the husband's going to isn't s'posed to take long.
The husband said we could go out for cocktails after, but I don't want to get my hopes up.

We'll just see what happens.

Talk About It

Thought I had alot to say, and I do, but I'm kind of jumbled around inside. Can't find the words. Insead of that, here's a chat I blogged from earlier. I'll be more coherent later, and I'll blog more then!

Wonder Boy: Hey, you!
Swedish Joe: Hey, what's up ?
Wonder Boy: Just foolin' around. U?
Swedish Joe: Watchin' the hockey game, not much.
Wonder Boy: Yeah. I would go into a chat room, but nobody ever says anything and I get IM'ed to death.
You're doing OK?
Swedish Joe: Same problem.. I've stayed out of them the past few days.
Oh yeah... enjoying myself, how about you ?
Wonder Boy: Kind of bored. I'm home alone. I'm not used to that.
Was gonna go out for a couple of drinks, but changed my mind.
Swedish Joe: You're not used to being at home alone ??
WOW.. someone is a "Casanova"!
Wonder Boy: Nope. Got a husband I live with.
We got into a little fight and he split.
Swedish Joe: Oh...... I'm sorry to hear that!
Wonder Boy: Ah, it'll be OK.
Y'see it was sposed to be OUR DAY, 'cause we were both off work, and I wanted to go out, and he was too busy playing spades on the internet and talking on the phone, so I bitched at him, and it just got worse.
Swedish Joe: Ah , I gotcha... I remember those days...
I was in a relationship with [a guy] just over 2 years... but we didn't really fight... I worked so much, *(which ended up being our biggest problem.. he had a big problem with me working a lot). Anyway I made it a point to do things with him all the time.
Wonder Boy: He was like "If you wanna go out so bad, then go out by yourself" and I was like "I don't wanna go out by MYSELF--I wanna go out with YOU!"
Why did you and he break up?
Swedish Joe: I moved to Maryland here, and i'm off to Japan next..> I have to keep moving around, unfortanetly... being in TV/Radio... it's a little hard to stay in one place... he wasn't willing to move away from his family.. I can't blame him.. he was only 19...
Wonder Boy: When R U moving to Japan?
Swedish Joe: Late May/Early June. He came to visit me in Decemeber and January for my birthday... so it was nice to see him then.
Wonder Boy: WOW! I just got the pic U sent! What a cute couple!!!!!
If I wasn't already attached I'd love to have a 3-way with you guys!! j/k! :-)
Swedish Joe: LOL! Thanks, that was taken January with the two of us trying out the new webcam.
Wonder Boy: You are the blonde one, right?
Swedish Joe: We're both blond. LOL!
Wonder Boy: The blond leading the blond! :-)
Thanks for sending the pic! I love photos!
Swedish Joe: LOL!
Wonder Boy: Whenever any of my friends goes on vacation I always say "Make sure you take lots of pictures!"
Swedish Joe: Yeah, I'm a picture phenom too! I love them!
Wonder Boy: I need to get more photos of me taken.
I have to get, like, 100 photos of me taken and then pick out the 2 or 3 that I like the most. I'm not that photogenic. I'm much better in person!
Swedish Joe: LOL! Oh, I'm sure you're fine! I've seen your pic --you aren't bad at all!!
Wonder Boy: Awww, thanks! :-D That's one of my better shots!
Swedish Joe: Well, if you weren't attached, I'd love to have fun with you! :)
Wonder Boy: You're so BAD! :-P
Swedish Joe: LOL! Well, I'm honest, that's all.
Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you in any way!
Wonder Boy : Offended? No! On the contrary!
You look very sexy in the photo you sent, and on your profile page also.
Swedish Joe: Well, that depends... do you like tight bodies, smooth chests, and a six foot frame ???
If so, then you'd like me!
If you like hair on the chest, i'm not your man.
Wonder Boy: I would definitly like you! :-) I don't have any hair either.
Swedish Joe: See, i'd like you too!
Wonder Boy: We should definitly meet for a cocktail before you move to Japan.
What do you think?
Swedish Joe: Yeah, we could. :)
Wonder Boy: So, you still watching the hockey game?
Swedish Joe: Oh yeah.... :) My favorite team is playing. San Jose Sharks.. They're winning 2-1! Wonder Boy: Cool! Go team!!!
Swedish Joe: You aren't a sports fan.... I can tell!
Wonder Boy: Yup! You've got me pegged. You must be psychic!!
Swedish Joe: No, just by what you said ! :)
Wonder Boy: I meant it sincerely, though. I hope your team wins! :-)
Swedish Joe: Well, thank you!
Wonder Boy: Got your pic right here as I type this.
You got any more photos of you?
Swedish Joe: Sure!
Wonder Boy: I don't mean nudies. LOL! Hey, "I've got mail!" he he he!
Swedish Joe: LOL! I dont' have any of those anyway!
Wonder Boy: Wow! Nice pic! You ARE a hottie!!!!!
Swedish Joe: That's from my web cam... they don't usually come out too good, but at least you get the idea.
Wonder Boy: Well, you're a hottie!, that's all I got to say!
Makes me think things I shouldn't be thinking! :-P
Swedish Joe: No no, that's ok.. think them ! :)
Wonder Boy: You seem like you're really nice! I like talking with you! :-)
Swedish Joe: It's been nice talking to you too!
Wonder Boy: It's true, we haven't talked that much. But you SEEM nice. That's enough for now! :-)
Swedish Joe: LOL, Well, glad I can impress!
Wonder Boy: Your opinion>> Is it easy for you to judge a persons character by chatting like this? Most times I chat with people I already know.
Swedish Joe: Well, you can tell how a person's going to react to you from being on here, usually, I think.
Wonder Boy: Ever met someone from on-line and been disappointed?
Swedish Joe: Oh yeah... a few times. But normally I'm not disappointed.
Wonder Boy: I have--only because he lied about every aspect of his life. (Appearance, age, job --anything you can think of!)
Swedish Joe: WOW... seriously ? When was this ?
Wonder Boy: A couple years ago. He said he was in his 30s, 6'1", 150, swimmers build etc. He turned out to be in his 50s, 5'6". 180 lbs, and he defin'ly didn't have a swimmers build!
Swedish Joe: WWWWWWWWOW... No, nothing that dramatic happened to me.
Wonder Boy: He got upset because as soon as he introduced himself, I left. I
t wasn't his appearace--It was because he lied to me!
Swedish Joe: Well, I can't blame you!
Wonder Boy: Well, it was REALLY nice chatting with you!
Thanks again for the pics!!!
I really hope to chat with you again soon! I gotta go. Take care!!!!
Swedish Joe: Be good! Take care!!

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Hey, You're Such A Pretty Boy

I just found the website of Joe Phillips, an amazing artist.
You've probably seen some of his work before and didn't know it.
His site is definitely worth checking out!

It was an fabulous day!

Today I:
1.) Walked around downtown.
2.) Got a Italian Sausage from Polack Johnny's (with mustard and onions-in case you were wondering).
3.) Wore shorts outside for the first time this year.
4.) Did absolutely nothing around the house (except wash some socks and underwear). The husband will be very disappointed at me!
5.) Chatted on AOL (very briefly).
6.) Put a guestbook on this page--(so sign it, already!)
It was a lazy day. My favorite kind!

Artwork copyright Joe Phillips

It's A Beautiful Day!

I can't believe how fuggin' nice it is outside!
I know very well by past experience that in a month or so, I'll be complaining it's too hot, but for now I am loving it!

I'm off work today which is so cool!

I'm still trying to figure out what I'm going to do with the day.
Maybe I'll walk to Lexington Market and look around.
I better enjoy the nice weather while I can.

Homo Say What?

Still figuring out this whole blogging thing.
It's weird, but I'm never satisfied with it.
I look at what I've written and what I've done and think,
"Well, that's OK. But now what?"

I'm dealing with a couple of things here.
The first is privacy.
You won't read my husband's name here or see a photo of him (or us), or discover what kind of car he drives or where he works in this blog no matter how hard you look.
His privacy is very important to him.
I respect that -- that's why I reveal as little as I have to regarding him.
Aside from that, I'm trying to be as open and honest as I can be--but that's difficult too.
This isn't a private journal, and it's not a magazine article either.
It's a blog.
I mean, how much should I reveal? Do people really wanna know I trimmed my toenails this morning?
Maybe so.

Do I really wanna tell y'all about it--that's the real question, isn't it?
I suspect blogging will get easier with time.
I'm still a newbie at this--so bear with me, OK?

You know, writing is harder than just saying what you feel because I know this will be read.
What I say is not always really heard.

Monday, April 15, 2002


Just wrote my checks for income tax.
Why do I always wait 'til the last minute?
My biggest problem is procrastination.
I'm planning on doing a big post about that sometime soon.
Maybe tomorrow or the next day, unless, of course, something comes up.

They sprayed for bugs this morning and now the apartment smells like incecticide.
We're having a little "ant problem".

Un Loco Domingo!

It was a crazy day!
(Well, this thing'll say it's Monday, but it's actually Sunday night to me).
Worked a long-ass day and I'm weary.

Right now I'm drinking really cheap and sweet champagne (Andre Spumante--$4.00 for a standard size bottle) and trying to unwind.

I went in extra early today 'cause work called and said "Wonder Boy! We need you! You're our only hope!"
(or would have said if I were writing the dialog)
and with dollar signs in my eyes, I said "yes".
Why do I do this to myself?

I'm gonna get a good night's sleep.
Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket!

Saturday, April 13, 2002

That's Entertainment

It was very busy at work.
I was running around the restaraunt like my hair was on fire just to keep up.
That was good, actually, 'cause it made the time go by real fast.

My husband's neice is coming over, so instead of just relaxing after such a long day we have to entertain.
Could think of a bunch of things I'd rather do (Like soak in a hot sudsy tub for instance), but she's family.

I'm tired of working so hard. My days off couldn't come soon enough.

My Ever-Changing Moods

Woke up today and thought "Today will be a good day!" I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking.
So, I stretched, yawned, rubbed the crust out of my eyes, plodded to the bathroom to buzz my teeth, trod downstairs and grabbbed a big glass of Sunny Delight, went to the comp and prepare to blog, and when I went to blogger.com my comp said "Site not responding--Try again later!" (or something like that).
I'm spoiled, I guess. When I want something, I want it now. Hell with that, I want it five minutes ago! So I fumed a little, calmed down, checked my email (junk mostly), and then tried again.
It's working. Calming down. Anger aborted. Panic button need not be pressed.
It's gonna be a good day after all!

Gotta get ready for work soon.
Oh, joy!
Attitude really does make a difference when you're a waiter, I've noticed.
If I go to work in a bad mood, even though I try to disguise it, people sense it somehow and my tips are terrible.

The Tax Man Cometh!
It turns out that I owe $25 Federal and a whopping $117 State tax this year!
I'll have to pay it, of course.
It's just annoying.

Friday, April 12, 2002


Been kind of annoyed all day with no real reason why. Maybe I have the male version of PMS.

Work was horrible. Very slow in the restaraunt. Normally on a Friday I'ts very busy, but not tonight.

The husband is waiting to use the comp. He's not standing over my shoulder tapping his foot, but he might as well be.

Bleary-eyed and sleepy anyway, so why fight it?


Well, dinner last night was a success. The husband made pork chops with vegetables and sauce and shrimp. (Don't ask me how he did it.) I had some after I got home from work - It was very tasty! Disapponted a little because I couldn't be there, but life goes on.

At work there was this girl in the restaraunt who was kind of homely (actually, to be brutally honest, she looked like she fell off the Ugly Tree and hit every branch on the way down) and she was wearing a t-shirt that said "Princess" on it. I'm like, "Princess? 'Princess of the Troll-People'!."
Oh. That's cruel. I should be ashamed of myself.

Got out of work fairly early last night and the husband and I managed to go out for some cocktails after all. It was fun. We didn't get to shoot pool, though.

The apartment looks fabulous. It was almost worth the effort of cleaning it. (I'm SO lazy!)

The husbands upstairs "sleeping" right now. I know the takkity-tak-tak of me typing is keeping him up.
So I'll stop. I'll write more later.

Thursday, April 11, 2002

I Need An Exorcist

I don't have much time.
I've got to clean up the apartment since there's company coming later.
Cleaning is something I really dislike doing, but you gotta do it sometime.
It's a neccessary evil -- Like going to the bathroom.

First it was Harper Valley PTA, and if that wasn't bad enough, now I got that Limp Bizkit song "The Nookie" in my head!
Get out, Damn you!!!

No Bitches!

I will not bitch about my husband.
I will not bitch about my husband!
I will not bitch about my husband!
(I figure if I say this to myself enough times, it might actually work.)

OK, time to pause and regroup.


OK. So it turns out we didn't go out tonight like we had planned. He was tired and said as much, so I had to be considerate and say "We can do it another time, if you don't feel up to it tonight."
So we didn't, which is OK, really.
It's just he gets so moody sometimes! I see the look on his face and I'm like "Uh-oh. Something's up!" and then I have to be like Nancy Drew and solve the mystery. It's annoying sometimes, but I love the big lug.
What can I do?
I'm completely the opposite. I get depessed or upset for maybe 15 minutes, and then it goes away.
I have a very cheery disposition.
A former roommate of mine said to me once "How can you be so bubbly all the time? It must be exhausting!"

Melissa from MTV's The Real World-New Orleans has a blog. Kind of interesting. Check it out.

Turns out I do have to work tonight--dagnabbit! The husband is going to entertain them by himself.
I wish I could be there too.

Wanted to chat on AOL for a few minutes but none of my "Buddies" are on. Oh, well. I should be curled up next to my husband right now anyway! In fact, that's just what I'll do!

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Things You Can't Control

Kind of annoyed at work for not having the fraggin' schedule up yet!
I don't know if I work tomorrow or not, and the husband and I are s'posed to be having a few friends over for dinner!
The husband planned it a few days ago 'cause he thought I was off tomorrow (instead of today) and I might actually be off tomorrow, but I won't know until the schedule's posted later.
I'm not going to let it bother me, though.

Gimme Some Skin

It's such a nice day today!
The sky is blue, the birds are singing!

(I know-you're thinking "What kind of drugs is Wonder Boy on?" I'm just in a good mood, OK?)

I took a walk, got a hot dog with everything on it from the nice man who has a stand down the street from my apartment.
He gave me a hot dog for free one day when I discovered I left my wallet at home. How often does that happen? I went back later and paid him.

It not even Skin Season and there were lots of cute boys in shorts out walking around!

Skin Season is what I call the time beginning around May 1st and ending in mid-September when all the guys are wearing tank-tops and shorts. And sometimes shirtless!
Defin'ly my favorite time of year!

I've gotta get ready to go meet my hubby at work soon.
He said we were really gonna go out tonight--this time for sure!

If he says so, then I believe it.

Everything Old Is New Again, Dept.

Remember that old 70's TV show In Search Of . . . hosted by Leonard Nimoy (who played Mr. Spock on Star Trek) and had stories about UFOs, Bigfoot, Pyramid Power, and the Loch Ness Monster? Well, they're making a new version of it.
Sadly, Leonard Nimoy will not be hosting it.
You know, I predicted this would happen when they brought back Candid Camera!

All You Do Is Talk Talk

Blogged a chat with my buddy UrbanBaltoBoy on AOL. It went something like this:
UrbanBaltoBoy: Hey, babe! ;)
Wonder Boy: HI!! :-)
UrbanBaltoBoy: How R U? what' sup? I just got in.
Wonder Boy: Doing good! I went shopping today and got my hair done. It was a good day!:-)
UrbanBaltoBoy: Aww, I bet you look soo cute! ;) What did ya buy?
Wonder Boy: The new Cher CD, Data storage discs for the computer, a cable for the DVD player at Radio Shack.
UrbanBaltoBoy: Oh I want to burn that from my friend ... or just go buy it. Awesome! I haven’t gotten a DVD player yet- but I have one on my comp and I got the Sony Trinitron monitor so I could watch them in bed . :)
Wonder Boy: In bed, huh? :-P
UrbanBaltoBoy: Yeah, alone!
So how is life otherwise?
How's the hubby?
Wonder Boy: Good! Any day I don't have to work is good! Might go and shoot pool, later. Just relaxing with a cocktail. The husband is OK. He is working hard for the money!
UrbanBaltoBoy:Yeah, I think I might make a drink, myself.
We should go play pool sometime!! I love to play!
Plus, it would be cool to meet! You seem really cool and I can always use friends!
Wonder Boy: Yeah, we should! Although I warn you, I'm not that good. If you have any talent you'll beat the pants off me!
UrbanBaltoBoy: I’m not that good. . .
but I have streaks!
Wonder Boy: I do too, but they're rare!
UrbanBaltoBoy:Yeah, same here!
Wonder Boy: Thinkin' 'bout making some Oodles of Noodles!
UrbanBaltoBoy: They’re so bad for you, ya know-- too much sodium!!
Wonder Boy: You know, if it weren't for ramen noodles I would have starved to death years ago.
Well, that and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.
UrbanBaltoBoy: Well, I love PBJ!!
Wonder Boy: I'm not much of a cook.
If I can't stick it in the microwave then screw it!
UrbanBaltoBoy: Aww
If I had a b/f then I would cook more!
So-- really --if you'd like to meet for a drink and some pool I’d love it- if your hubbie wouldn’t mind-- or he could come too!
Wonder Boy: Yeah, we'll have to plan something. The new schedule for me comes out tomorrow, so I'll know my days off then.
UrbanBaltoBoy: OK. Cool .
Just let me know!
Wonder Boy: OK!
UrbanBaltoBoy: Cool!

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Who's That Guy?

That's Hayden Christensen, who plays Anakin Skywalker in Attack of The Clones.
He's so dreamy. This hunk could make me turn to the Dark Side anytime!

I am so looking forward to the new Star Wars movie.

I Want To Tell You All The Story . . .

I've had that old song Harper Valley PTA in my head for days!
What's up with that?

I might be going out with the husband for a few drinks after he gets off work.
It all depends on how tired he is.

For lots of laffs, go to the Babel Fish at AltaVista.
Translate any text you want into pretty much any language.
Then copy and paste the result into the "translate again" box and translate it back into English.
The results are just too funny.
I did this with the lyrics to Harper Valley PTA and nearly wet my pants.

Home Alone

The husband's at work and I'm home alone. I could get into a bunch of mischief, but I think I'll do what I usually do and be a good boy.

But I'm so fuggin' bored I can't stand it.

I could chat on AOL, but I'm sick of that, so I guess I'll blog!

Got my hair done today and then went shopping. Such a girly thing to do, but it was fun. Lots of guys out in shorts for me to ogle at too. (I have a fetish for shapely calves--weird, I know, -but isn't everybody to some extent?).

Picked up the new CD by Cher, Living Proof. It's very good actually. I predict that Song For the Lonely is going to be a big hit. It'll be everywhere this summer. You heard it here first!

Monday, April 08, 2002

Introducing . . . Wonder Boy!

OK, we've only just "met" and now you're expecting me to dazzle you, entertain you, or inform you.
After that you'll expect me to do this all the time while you get to just sit there, and absorb it all.
Well, this is a blog, so I guess that's pretty much the way it goes.

Anyway, let's get the intoductions out of the way, shall we? My name's Jimmy, AKA "Wonder Boy". I am the author of this blog. Nice ta meetcha!
OK, here's the deal: You're supposed to have my back, be on my side.
Pretty easy, huh?
There are going to be times when I'll make some horrible blunders, but you'll just have to accept it when I say I'm an OK kinda guy.
There are other people you will meet, but your absoloute loyalty should be to me, not anyone else. I'm the star of this show, dammit!
I knew you'd understand.

You will also meet an enemy or two (or more).
These people are pure evil. Your duty is to despise them.
Believe me, I will make it very obvious who the "bad guys" are whenever they come out of the woodwork.

You'll find that most of this blog is about me.

Aside from me, you will also read about my friends, friends of friends, ex-flings, former tricks, and other various people.
I will do my best not to meander or digress. I certainly wouldn't want to lose you -- I am trusting you with my life, for goodness sake!
I've decided to be as honest as I (possibly) can.
I know for a fact that you will find yourself wanting to throttle me because I say (and do) some pretty whacky things. I'll try to do the best I can, though.

Are you ready?
OK, then!

Welcome to my blog!