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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

All You Do Is Talk Talk

Blogged a chat with my buddy UrbanBaltoBoy on AOL. It went something like this:
UrbanBaltoBoy: Hey, babe! ;)
Wonder Boy: HI!! :-)
UrbanBaltoBoy: How R U? what' sup? I just got in.
Wonder Boy: Doing good! I went shopping today and got my hair done. It was a good day!:-)
UrbanBaltoBoy: Aww, I bet you look soo cute! ;) What did ya buy?
Wonder Boy: The new Cher CD, Data storage discs for the computer, a cable for the DVD player at Radio Shack.
UrbanBaltoBoy: Oh I want to burn that from my friend ... or just go buy it. Awesome! I haven’t gotten a DVD player yet- but I have one on my comp and I got the Sony Trinitron monitor so I could watch them in bed . :)
Wonder Boy: In bed, huh? :-P
UrbanBaltoBoy: Yeah, alone!
So how is life otherwise?
How's the hubby?
Wonder Boy: Good! Any day I don't have to work is good! Might go and shoot pool, later. Just relaxing with a cocktail. The husband is OK. He is working hard for the money!
UrbanBaltoBoy:Yeah, I think I might make a drink, myself.
We should go play pool sometime!! I love to play!
Plus, it would be cool to meet! You seem really cool and I can always use friends!
Wonder Boy: Yeah, we should! Although I warn you, I'm not that good. If you have any talent you'll beat the pants off me!
UrbanBaltoBoy: I’m not that good. . .
but I have streaks!
Wonder Boy: I do too, but they're rare!
UrbanBaltoBoy:Yeah, same here!
Wonder Boy: Thinkin' 'bout making some Oodles of Noodles!
UrbanBaltoBoy: They’re so bad for you, ya know-- too much sodium!!
Wonder Boy: You know, if it weren't for ramen noodles I would have starved to death years ago.
Well, that and peanut butter & jelly sandwiches.
UrbanBaltoBoy: Well, I love PBJ!!
Wonder Boy: I'm not much of a cook.
If I can't stick it in the microwave then screw it!
UrbanBaltoBoy: Aww
If I had a b/f then I would cook more!
So-- really --if you'd like to meet for a drink and some pool I’d love it- if your hubbie wouldn’t mind-- or he could come too!
Wonder Boy: Yeah, we'll have to plan something. The new schedule for me comes out tomorrow, so I'll know my days off then.
UrbanBaltoBoy: OK. Cool .
Just let me know!
Wonder Boy: OK!
UrbanBaltoBoy: Cool!