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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, April 10, 2002

Gimme Some Skin

It's such a nice day today!
The sky is blue, the birds are singing!

(I know-you're thinking "What kind of drugs is Wonder Boy on?" I'm just in a good mood, OK?)

I took a walk, got a hot dog with everything on it from the nice man who has a stand down the street from my apartment.
He gave me a hot dog for free one day when I discovered I left my wallet at home. How often does that happen? I went back later and paid him.

It not even Skin Season and there were lots of cute boys in shorts out walking around!

Skin Season is what I call the time beginning around May 1st and ending in mid-September when all the guys are wearing tank-tops and shorts. And sometimes shirtless!
Defin'ly my favorite time of year!

I've gotta get ready to go meet my hubby at work soon.
He said we were really gonna go out tonight--this time for sure!

If he says so, then I believe it.