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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, April 16, 2002

Hey, You're Such A Pretty Boy

I just found the website of Joe Phillips, an amazing artist.
You've probably seen some of his work before and didn't know it.
His site is definitely worth checking out!

It was an fabulous day!

Today I:
1.) Walked around downtown.
2.) Got a Italian Sausage from Polack Johnny's (with mustard and onions-in case you were wondering).
3.) Wore shorts outside for the first time this year.
4.) Did absolutely nothing around the house (except wash some socks and underwear). The husband will be very disappointed at me!
5.) Chatted on AOL (very briefly).
6.) Put a guestbook on this page--(so sign it, already!)
It was a lazy day. My favorite kind!

Artwork copyright Joe Phillips