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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Home Alone

The husband's at work and I'm home alone. I could get into a bunch of mischief, but I think I'll do what I usually do and be a good boy.

But I'm so fuggin' bored I can't stand it.

I could chat on AOL, but I'm sick of that, so I guess I'll blog!

Got my hair done today and then went shopping. Such a girly thing to do, but it was fun. Lots of guys out in shorts for me to ogle at too. (I have a fetish for shapely calves--weird, I know, -but isn't everybody to some extent?).

Picked up the new CD by Cher, Living Proof. It's very good actually. I predict that Song For the Lonely is going to be a big hit. It'll be everywhere this summer. You heard it here first!