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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, April 08, 2002

Introducing . . . Wonder Boy!

OK, we've only just "met" and now you're expecting me to dazzle you, entertain you, or inform you.
After that you'll expect me to do this all the time while you get to just sit there, and absorb it all.
Well, this is a blog, so I guess that's pretty much the way it goes.

Anyway, let's get the intoductions out of the way, shall we? My name's Jimmy, AKA "Wonder Boy". I am the author of this blog. Nice ta meetcha!
OK, here's the deal: You're supposed to have my back, be on my side.
Pretty easy, huh?
There are going to be times when I'll make some horrible blunders, but you'll just have to accept it when I say I'm an OK kinda guy.
There are other people you will meet, but your absoloute loyalty should be to me, not anyone else. I'm the star of this show, dammit!
I knew you'd understand.

You will also meet an enemy or two (or more).
These people are pure evil. Your duty is to despise them.
Believe me, I will make it very obvious who the "bad guys" are whenever they come out of the woodwork.

You'll find that most of this blog is about me.

Aside from me, you will also read about my friends, friends of friends, ex-flings, former tricks, and other various people.
I will do my best not to meander or digress. I certainly wouldn't want to lose you -- I am trusting you with my life, for goodness sake!
I've decided to be as honest as I (possibly) can.
I know for a fact that you will find yourself wanting to throttle me because I say (and do) some pretty whacky things. I'll try to do the best I can, though.

Are you ready?
OK, then!

Welcome to my blog!