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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, April 18, 2002

Talk About It

Thought I had alot to say, and I do, but I'm kind of jumbled around inside. Can't find the words. Insead of that, here's a chat I blogged from earlier. I'll be more coherent later, and I'll blog more then!

Wonder Boy: Hey, you!
Swedish Joe: Hey, what's up ?
Wonder Boy: Just foolin' around. U?
Swedish Joe: Watchin' the hockey game, not much.
Wonder Boy: Yeah. I would go into a chat room, but nobody ever says anything and I get IM'ed to death.
You're doing OK?
Swedish Joe: Same problem.. I've stayed out of them the past few days.
Oh yeah... enjoying myself, how about you ?
Wonder Boy: Kind of bored. I'm home alone. I'm not used to that.
Was gonna go out for a couple of drinks, but changed my mind.
Swedish Joe: You're not used to being at home alone ??
WOW.. someone is a "Casanova"!
Wonder Boy: Nope. Got a husband I live with.
We got into a little fight and he split.
Swedish Joe: Oh...... I'm sorry to hear that!
Wonder Boy: Ah, it'll be OK.
Y'see it was sposed to be OUR DAY, 'cause we were both off work, and I wanted to go out, and he was too busy playing spades on the internet and talking on the phone, so I bitched at him, and it just got worse.
Swedish Joe: Ah , I gotcha... I remember those days...
I was in a relationship with [a guy] just over 2 years... but we didn't really fight... I worked so much, *(which ended up being our biggest problem.. he had a big problem with me working a lot). Anyway I made it a point to do things with him all the time.
Wonder Boy: He was like "If you wanna go out so bad, then go out by yourself" and I was like "I don't wanna go out by MYSELF--I wanna go out with YOU!"
Why did you and he break up?
Swedish Joe: I moved to Maryland here, and i'm off to Japan next..> I have to keep moving around, unfortanetly... being in TV/Radio... it's a little hard to stay in one place... he wasn't willing to move away from his family.. I can't blame him.. he was only 19...
Wonder Boy: When R U moving to Japan?
Swedish Joe: Late May/Early June. He came to visit me in Decemeber and January for my birthday... so it was nice to see him then.
Wonder Boy: WOW! I just got the pic U sent! What a cute couple!!!!!
If I wasn't already attached I'd love to have a 3-way with you guys!! j/k! :-)
Swedish Joe: LOL! Thanks, that was taken January with the two of us trying out the new webcam.
Wonder Boy: You are the blonde one, right?
Swedish Joe: We're both blond. LOL!
Wonder Boy: The blond leading the blond! :-)
Thanks for sending the pic! I love photos!
Swedish Joe: LOL!
Wonder Boy: Whenever any of my friends goes on vacation I always say "Make sure you take lots of pictures!"
Swedish Joe: Yeah, I'm a picture phenom too! I love them!
Wonder Boy: I need to get more photos of me taken.
I have to get, like, 100 photos of me taken and then pick out the 2 or 3 that I like the most. I'm not that photogenic. I'm much better in person!
Swedish Joe: LOL! Oh, I'm sure you're fine! I've seen your pic --you aren't bad at all!!
Wonder Boy: Awww, thanks! :-D That's one of my better shots!
Swedish Joe: Well, if you weren't attached, I'd love to have fun with you! :)
Wonder Boy: You're so BAD! :-P
Swedish Joe: LOL! Well, I'm honest, that's all.
Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you in any way!
Wonder Boy : Offended? No! On the contrary!
You look very sexy in the photo you sent, and on your profile page also.
Swedish Joe: Well, that depends... do you like tight bodies, smooth chests, and a six foot frame ???
If so, then you'd like me!
If you like hair on the chest, i'm not your man.
Wonder Boy: I would definitly like you! :-) I don't have any hair either.
Swedish Joe: See, i'd like you too!
Wonder Boy: We should definitly meet for a cocktail before you move to Japan.
What do you think?
Swedish Joe: Yeah, we could. :)
Wonder Boy: So, you still watching the hockey game?
Swedish Joe: Oh yeah.... :) My favorite team is playing. San Jose Sharks.. They're winning 2-1! Wonder Boy: Cool! Go team!!!
Swedish Joe: You aren't a sports fan.... I can tell!
Wonder Boy: Yup! You've got me pegged. You must be psychic!!
Swedish Joe: No, just by what you said ! :)
Wonder Boy: I meant it sincerely, though. I hope your team wins! :-)
Swedish Joe: Well, thank you!
Wonder Boy: Got your pic right here as I type this.
You got any more photos of you?
Swedish Joe: Sure!
Wonder Boy: I don't mean nudies. LOL! Hey, "I've got mail!" he he he!
Swedish Joe: LOL! I dont' have any of those anyway!
Wonder Boy: Wow! Nice pic! You ARE a hottie!!!!!
Swedish Joe: That's from my web cam... they don't usually come out too good, but at least you get the idea.
Wonder Boy: Well, you're a hottie!, that's all I got to say!
Makes me think things I shouldn't be thinking! :-P
Swedish Joe: No no, that's ok.. think them ! :)
Wonder Boy: You seem like you're really nice! I like talking with you! :-)
Swedish Joe: It's been nice talking to you too!
Wonder Boy: It's true, we haven't talked that much. But you SEEM nice. That's enough for now! :-)
Swedish Joe: LOL, Well, glad I can impress!
Wonder Boy: Your opinion>> Is it easy for you to judge a persons character by chatting like this? Most times I chat with people I already know.
Swedish Joe: Well, you can tell how a person's going to react to you from being on here, usually, I think.
Wonder Boy: Ever met someone from on-line and been disappointed?
Swedish Joe: Oh yeah... a few times. But normally I'm not disappointed.
Wonder Boy: I have--only because he lied about every aspect of his life. (Appearance, age, job --anything you can think of!)
Swedish Joe: WOW... seriously ? When was this ?
Wonder Boy: A couple years ago. He said he was in his 30s, 6'1", 150, swimmers build etc. He turned out to be in his 50s, 5'6". 180 lbs, and he defin'ly didn't have a swimmers build!
Swedish Joe: WWWWWWWWOW... No, nothing that dramatic happened to me.
Wonder Boy: He got upset because as soon as he introduced himself, I left. I
t wasn't his appearace--It was because he lied to me!
Swedish Joe: Well, I can't blame you!
Wonder Boy: Well, it was REALLY nice chatting with you!
Thanks again for the pics!!!
I really hope to chat with you again soon! I gotta go. Take care!!!!
Swedish Joe: Be good! Take care!!