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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, May 28, 2002


G. is kind of annoyed at something, so I decided to give him some space. Got the idea that I was only making things worse by trying to honey him out of it. Everyone's got their own way of dealing with things.

Went to the thrift store in Brooklyn today and got a few things. I never buy clothes there, because you don't know who wore 'em last and how thouroughly they were laundered, but I got a lamp, a paperback book and a necktie for G. all for $4.35. You can't beat that!

It's weird when I go back to "the other apartment" (i.e. the one on St. Paul I just rented). It seems so lifeless without my clothes in the closet or my hairbrush, razor, and my can of Gillette Foamy sitting on the counter by the sink.

I'm not gonna be blogging for a little while 'cause I'm going on vacation! By the time I'm back I'll be going through "blogging withdrawal" so I'll blog the first chance I get. Where am I going on Vacation, you ask?
Montreal, Canada!

I'm so excited!!!!!