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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Happy Happy Joy Joy

I worked New Year's eve and I got out of there around 5 or so.
As soon as I got home I had to do a load of laundry, because almost nothing I had was clean.

After washing my outfit and showering and scrubbing all the filth (and there was alot of it) from work I seem to get covered in every day, I was ready.
The question was--where to go?

I had already ruled out The Hippo, and The Allegro didn't really appeal to me, although I would have gotten to see my boy Jason if I had went there.
I miss my boy Jason.

Ultimately, I (we) decided on The Quest. glug, glugI got there a little after 10, which was perfect timing. There were still a few stools left so I could sit down (much needed after being on my feet all day, let me tell you!), but I wasn't there too early, so by the time the ball dropped I wouldn't be too smashed to enjoy it or remember it later.

When I got there they were playing all this Kid Rock and Papa Roach on the jukebox.
Not bad music, but defin'ly not "party music".

I put and end to that real quick. I went right over to the jukebox and played $5 worth of music: Deee-Lite, The B-52's, some old Disco hits, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun"--you know, party music.
Things got a little more festive after that.
I'm not going to take all the credit, though--("Wonder Boy saves the day!")--all the drinking everyone was doing probably had something to do with it, I'm sure.

Dick Clark was on the TV. The TV was on, but the sound was muted. "God, Dick's looking so old." I thought as I looked to see what time it was getting.

At 11:30 the staff passed out these plastic shopping bags (the thin flimsy kind you get from the 'Mom and Pop' stores that say "Thank you for shopping here!" with a smiley face). In the bag were various "party favors": party hat, paper horn, noisemaker, a hawaiian lei, a glow stick, a plastic glass and a small bottle of J. Roget extra-dry champagne.

I was going to wear the hat, but I'm not a "hat person". You'll hardly ever see me in a hat, and If I'm wearing one, it's probably because I didn't feel like doing my hair.
I drank enough to get a nice buzz going, but didn't get too toasty.

The ball dropped.
Kisses and hugs all around.
Lots of noise was made by all. Including me.

It was fun.
They were setting up a buffet when I left.
Mostly potato salad, pretzels and chips and cake. No real food like lunch meats or fried chicken.

I had to be at work yesterday at 8AM, otherwise I would have stayed later.
The holidays are officially over now, I guess.
The next holiday is, what? Valentine's Day.

Plenty of time to make plans for that.