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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, January 06, 2003

If I Go Crazy, Then Will You Still Call Me Superman Wonder Boy?

My cupboards are as bare as Mother Hubbard's more famous ones so here I am eating Crunch Berries cereal right out of the box.
I'm all out of milk, so why dirty a bowl?

No coffee for me this morning because I'm all out of filters, creamer, and sugar.
The only thing in my refrigerator is some Kool-Aid fruit punch and condiments.
I desperatly need to go grocery shopping, but I haven't had the time.
I'm off Wednesday, and grocery shopping is on the top of my list of Things To Do.

It snowed yesterday and they closed the restaraunt down early--which never happens.
It was only two hours, but it was still most welcome.

Kind of out of my funk that I was in yesterday. It never lasts very long, which is a Very Good Thing.
If you were happy all the time you wouldn't be human, would you?