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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

People Are Talking

Instead of a normal post, here a conversation I had earlier on AOL Chat:

Frenzi: Hey, you! :)
Wonder Boy: Oh, hi! How R U?
Frenzi: I'm doing OK. How 'bout U? Tried to IM you a little while ago, but I got your "away message".
Wonder Boy: Yeah, I was doing the "email thing". I'm OK. I'm off tomorrow! YAY!
Frenzi: Cool! Any plans?
Wonder Boy: Not really. I have laundry and grocery shopping to do. Other than that, nothing. What's going on with U? R U still with what's-his-name? The guy U were dating after U broke up with Steve?
Frenzi: Roger? No, that's over. I have a new b.f. now.
Wonder Boy: Another one? Geez!
Wonder Boy: Anyway, what's his story?
Frenzi: I met him at the Hippo about a week before New Year's. His name is Jeff, he plays 3 different musical instruments, speaks 4 different languages, and is totally gorgeous! You won't believe how hot this guy is!
Wonder Boy: He sounds too good for U!
Wonder Boy: (j/k!!!!!) :)
Frenzi: I know, right? LOL! :)
Frenzi: Trying not to get all caught up this time and just enjoy it.
Wonder Boy: That's what U said last time, silly! Have you run into Steve any?
Frenzi: Saw him last week with his new b.f.
Wonder Boy: Eek!
Wonder Boy: How did that go?
Frenzi: It was weird. He ignored me--I ignored him.
Wonder Boy: Yuck. It's a shame it ended like that.
Frenzi: Yeah, well he shouldn't have cheated!
Wonder Boy: It's all so twisted. Gay men foster this additude of wild promiscuity and then wonder in amazement why it's so difficult for guys to stay faithful.
Frenzi: I hear ya. People hit on me and my b.f. all the time--even when my b.f. is standing right next to me.
Wonder Boy: U know, I mentioned something like that in my blog just last week!
Frenzi: I know--I remember reading about it.
Frenzi: ;)
Wonder Boy: Str8 people already have this idea that being gay is all about sex.
Wonder Boy: The idea of 2 men in love and in a LTR is a strange idea to them because they never see it!
Even in movies there's hardly ever a gay "happily ever after".
Frenzi: I agree totally! Hey, U ever get a hold of your buddy Fireguy?
Wonder Boy: Yes! We've exchanged several emails in the last couple of days.
Frenzi: Cool! I know U were concerned U hadn't heard from him.
Wonder Boy: Yeah, I was. Turns out he was busy with his work and stuff he's going through. It happens to all of us.
Frenzi: How come U guys never got together?
Wonder Boy: Fate. I guess it just wasn't in the cards. It's one of those "might have been" kind of things.
Frenzi: I hear ya. Been there--done that!
Wonder Boy: I hate to cut this short, but I gotta get ready for work. U know how it is.
Frenzi: Yeah, I know. Good talking with U. Email me sometime if U think of it.
Wonder Boy: I'll think of it. Good talking with U 2!
Wonder Boy: Hey, you mind if I blog this?
Frenzi: I suspected U would, anyway!
Frenzi: Sure, go ahead! :)