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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, January 23, 2003

Wonder Boy, What Is The Secret Of Your Power?

I decided the other day to be a little tougher with the servers at work.
I'm a very laid back kind of person, so my new additude kind of took them by surprise.

"What's wrong with Jimmy?" I heard one server ask another.

See, I'm a Crew Leader, so I'm "in charge" of them and if something goes wrong I'm the one who gets reprimanded for it.
I'm not going to get something said to me because someone else is screwing up!
If that means people think I'm a tyrant, or something--well, so be it.
If they were doing things the right way, they would have nothing to worry about, would they?

I was at the coffee shop yeaterday and I was wearing my "Wonder Boy" neclace that I made from "alphabet beads" that I got from this bead shop on Charles Street called Beadazzled and I totally forgot I was wearing it.
The counter guy looks at me and says "Wonder Boy!" and I'm thinking
"Whoa! Where does he know that from?", so I asked and he pointed to my necklace.

For a minute I thought he recognized me from this blog, which would have been really weird.