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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, March 07, 2003

Maybe I'll See You There, If I Can Do MY Hair

A Quick Change I had a great day last couple of days. Wednesday I just spent roaming around Baltimore. I loved it.
Lexington Market was great. It was crazy.
This oriental (is that not PC? Maybe I should use "asian" instead?) lady at this stall kept asking me if I wanted to buy fish.
"You buy fish?" she would ask. "We have fresh fish!".
I walked past her around four times and she asked me every single time. I just wanted to say "Lady, don't you recognize me? You just asked me that and I said 'no', remember?" but, of course I didn't, it would have been rude. So I just made sure I walked a different way. I wonder how many others do that?
"Uh-oh! There's that fish-woman again! Avoid her at all costs!"

Popped over to the City Cafe for an espresso drink and a corn muffin. Pretty tasty but the muffin was so sweet it reminded me more of pound cake that what you would think of as a "corn muffin".

Worked yesterday. I was in a surprisingly good mood and that made all the difference. The hours zipped by and I was making money hand over fist!

Stopped by Leon's and found out that bartender Bert and his lover of four years broke up recently. Bert found out he was cheating with a 21 year old, so he broke up with him, moved out and now he's flying solo. His heart is broken and he feels like he will never love again. I have a feeling he'll snap out of that soon and be "ready for further punishment" before you know it.

Stopped by The Quest the other day.
A sign on the urinal said: Broken--do not "use"!
And I was just wondering about the quotation marks. Were they really neccessary? What other way is there to "use" a urinal?

At work yesterday I waited on this guy I used to know about 10 years ago. I totally didn't recognize him. Years ago, when I knew him, he was thin. Not as thin as I am, but you wouldn't have called him "fat". He has gained so much weight he was almost unrecognizable to me and it seems like he's aged 20 years instead of 10.
It's tragic that people just let themselves go.