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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Sick and Tired

I've been sick the last couple of days.
I don't know what it was, some kind of virus or bug or something.
Fever, headache, nausea, and the feeling like my stomach was full of broken glass.
Not the most pleasant thing to go through.
My husband's been great, though. He went out and bought me every kind of medicine you can think of.
My bedside table looks like a tiny drugstore with little bottles of NyQuil, DayQuil, Pepto-Bismol, and Extra-Strength Tylenol sitting there.
I'm such a big baby when I'm sick. Anybody who can put up with me when I'm this way deserves a medal of some kind.
I whine, I complain, I cry--because I'm feeling miserable.
Any thoughts of me being a hero go right out the window when I'm sick.
I'm feeling much better today, thank goodness! I was planning on going to the hospital today if I didn't improve, and since I hate going to the hospital, it's a good thing I did!
Still, a little weak, though, but I think I need to eat something.

Caught the diva last night on TV.
Cher: The Farewell Tour was on NBC last night. I normally don't get to watch TV at night, I'm always working, so I was torn between watching that or Smallville on WB.
(That Tom Welling who plays young Clark Kent is so sexy!)
But it was Cher's "farewell" tour, so I figured I might not get to see it again, so I ended up watching that.
What a great show!
I couldn't believe how many times that woman changed her wigs. After every other song she had a different head of hair on!
I was also amazed at all the cute young boys in the audience. You just know they were all gay. (How many straight men do you know that like Cher?)

Anyway, I'm supposed to be off today, but I was thinking of trying to go in since I called out yesterday--you know, to make up for my missed day. I don't know if I should push my luck, though. I might call and say "Everythings all covered, right? You don't need me to come in, right?" and hope that everything is all covered, and they actually don't need me.
I'm not being lazy. I just don't want to push myself too hard.