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Life is only what you wonder.

Sunday, June 01, 2003

Do You Have Superpowers?

Faster than a speeding bullet? Bust down a door with your bare hands? Soar above the clouds?
Well, maybe not, but there are many people who might have super powers and just don't realize it.
One of them could be you!
  • Have you ever been on a bus or train and noticed that time went by faster if you fell asleep?
  • Have you gone to bed , only to wake up seemingly minutes later, yet hours have passed?
  • Have you stood in any line, only to have the one you just got out of move quicker?
  • Have you ever reached into your pocket and found money that wasn't there before?
  • Have friends ever called you seconds before you were about to call them?
  • Do you have an uncanny ability to predict events in the immediate future--say, five seconds from now?
  • Do "accidents" seem to happen whenever you're around?

    Then you have super powers! Harness them for good.
    Get yourself a pair of tights and a Super-hero name (not "Wonder Boy" though--that's taken!) and you're all set.

Be careful: Flying and other such powers are only make-believe and should never be attempted, unless you're dreaming.