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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, June 23, 2003

A Five Minute Story

Laurie was in agony.
"Make it stop. Please, God." she moaned.
She sat in the bathtub, her head down, curled into a flesh colored ball, ice cold water from the shower head fell down on her like rain.
She looked up and through the spray all she saw were daisies. For a moment she wondered where she was, but then it came to her. Mom's house.
Her mother had decorated the bathroom in daisies. Daisies on the tiles, on the shower curtain, on the bath mat, on the toothbrush holder and soap dish, on the clothes hamper and hand towels. There wasn't anywhere you could look in that room and not see daisies. It was grossly overdone. It made Laurie's head hurt.
Her mother had "themes" for every room in the house. The guest bathroom downstairs was decorated in marigolds. The kitchen was mushrooms.
She wanted to get out of the tub but her legs felt all rubbery and she wasn't sure she could stand.
Her head was pounding. Why was it so difficult to think?
Laurie shivered and her teeth chattered. She was cold from the inside like her bones were made of ice or frozen glass.
"God." she whispered as the water poured down.
She wanted to get out, but she couldn't summon the energy. Maybe in a couple of minutes.
She leaned her head back against the cool tile and closed her eyes.