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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Just Can't Get Enough

Okay, it's official-- "Skin Season" is finally here at last!
So break out your tank tops and shorts. Skin is in!

Yesterday the weather can only be described as "glorious". Blue skies, sunshine, so bright and clear you can almost see forever.
It's weather like this that makes me want to be having a picnic in a meadow near a lake in the country somewhere so the sunlight can magnify the natural beauty of the trees, the grass and the water.
I can stand "natural settings" like that in only small doses, though. Stick me in a cabin in a remote place and in a very short period of time I'd be going stir-crazy--no matter how beautiful it is.

Anyway, yesterday was a great day to have off. I spent the earlier part of the day checking the email and puttering around the house. It was too nice of a day to stay indoors, though, so I decided to wander around downtown.
I saw a bunch of tourists while I was down there. They must've been from Kansas or Omaha or something because they were looking up and around like they never saw buildings before. But I guess I would too, so I tried not to snigger at them.
I stopped by Serendipity to talk with Jeff. Everything's still a go regarding me working at the new place. There's still no definite date for the Grand Opening, though.

Later, I went to The Drinkery for a cocktail.


I confess, I went there more to see my boy Jason than to have a drink.
"Jimmy!" he exclaimed when he saw me and he came over and embraced me. It felt so good I didn't want to let go. His smile was better than amphetamines, and worse than heroin. I mean, I was in a pretty good mood before I got there, but seeing him made me feel like I was high. It would be so easy for me to get addicted.
This is why I am just crazy about Jason: He looks in my eyes when we talk and he doesn't avert his gaze. He pays attention. It's like he sees me more thouroughly and deeply than anyone I've known.
He listens when I speak, waits for me to finish and thinks about what I've said before he replies. (That's very refreshing, 'cause alot of people I know interrupt me, or finish my scentences for me. I really hate that.)
And those hugs, those wonderful, fabulous, incredible embraces that squeeze me so tightly and so warmly. For those couple of minutes he's holding me it's like he doesn't want me to get loose. It's indescribable.
And it's not sexual, despite how it might sound. There's some kind of bond between us. We're connected somehow. I think he feels it too.
I'm not going to analyze it too much. It was just really nice to see him, but then again it always is.
I made sure to get another "hug treatment" before I left.
I just can't get enough!

After that I went home for a little bit and tried to watch TV but nothing held my interest for long. Around 11 I went to leon's for a cocktail. There was vodka in the freezer, so I didn't have to go out, but I didn't feel like staying at home. I went home 2 drinks later, buzzin' like a bee and ready for dreamland.
I'm off again today, too. I don't have anything planned so I'll just have to see what happens.
It'll be an adventure!