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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Somebody's Gotta Feel This

There was a required Apartment Inspection in my bulding today. I spent the last few days cleaning, because I didn't want them to see a messy apartment. I figured they'd be looking in closets, checking in cabinets, etc.
Nope. The "inspection" took all of 30 seconds. Much ado about nothing.
Still, it gave me a reason to tidy up the ol' homestead.

I found out yesterday that there are all kinds of rumors going on about me around B'more. Here's some of the stories:

  • The husband and I aren't together anymore. I threw him out of the house for (insert reason here).
  • I've been cheating on my husband with (among others) Chris from Central Station, Jason from The Allegro and David from The Quest.
    and most bizarre of all:
  • I was thrown in prison for the stuff that went on in my restaraunt.
    I'm here to set the record straight. None of the above is true. (It's obvious I'm not typing this from prison!)

    The following is an addendum to Rule #1 of my "Rules of Attraction" post:
    If 2 gay men are just friends, people will still assume that "something's going on" (i.e. dating or sex) whether there is or not.

    If people really wanna know, they should ask. I'm the first one to tell any stories I might have. It just amazes me that I can't even hang out with someone without stories going around that I'm cheating.
    People are going to talk, I understand that and there's really nothing I can do about it, so why get bent?

    Back to work tonight. I withdrew my 2 weeks notice 'cause there's no telling when the new coffee shop is going to open. Jeff said he'd give me plenty of notice, so I'm just playing the Waiting Game at this point.
    This isn't easy because I hate waiting for anything.