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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, June 27, 2003

The Ten Blogging Commandments

And lo, an angel appeared to me as in a vision, saying,
Hey, hosanna, hosanna!
And I spaketh unto him, saying,
Who art thou calling a ho?
And thus it came to pass that he gaveth me these commandments, which he chargethed me to give unto ye:
I. Thou shalt not post on a topic on thy blog thou hast already written of unless ye haveth something new to add.

II. Thou shalt not use images or graphics on thy blog without consent.
It is an abomination.

III. Thou shalt not steal content, nor shalt thou copy and paste from the blogs of thy brethren, nor the blogs of thy neighbors, nor the blogs of thine enemies, nor any such thing.
Thou shalt risk the wrath if ye do so.

IV. Thou shoudest do thy best to use proper spelling on thy blog and whensoever ye posteth to thy blog.
Thou shoudest consult thy dictionary if ye art unsure.
For they will not hold him guitless that do not doest so.

V. Thou shalt not linketh to previous posts on thy blog unless it is relevant in some wise to thy current post.

VI. Thou shalt not just post links to other sites, that thy blog shall be long upon the land that hath been given thee.

VII. Thou shalt not post something soest thou hast posted for that day.
Thou art wasteful if ye do so.

VIII. Thou shouldest watch thy language so thy blog can be known by all.
If ye breakest this commandment thy mouth shall be washed out with soap.

IV. Thou shouldest do thy best to reveal thy source if what ye posteth is not thine.
They shall not hold thee indemnifiable who taketh freedoms with their property.

X. Thou shalt not disparage another blogger, nor shalt thou disparage another blogger's blog, nor shalt thou disparage his wife, nor his husband, nor his ass, nor his manservant, nor any such thing.
Wouldst thou like it done to thee?

Thus were the words as were spaketh unto me.
What sayest thou?