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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Wall to Wall

By a strange twist of fate and totally by chance I was able to get the weekend off.
This is about as rare as spotting a unicorn, so I took full advantage of it.
I was planning a trip somewhere, possibly to DC, my old stomping grounds, but then I decided to stay local, partially because my desire to travel wasn't really that strong, but mostly because after paying bills I wasn't as flush as I thought I'd be.

I went out Friday night. I kind of forced myself to. It's like the desire to go out was there, but I was full of all this lethargy (is that even a word?) and I had to force myself to summon the energy. I kept thinking "I never get to go out on the weekend, so I should take advantage of this."
Forcing yourself to go out when you don't feel like it is kind of like going to work.
My first stop was The Allegro. I walked down the stairs and there wasn't anybody there. Jason was at the door so I chatted with him for a few moments, but I didn't go in.
I went to The Hippo next, and there wasn't anything going on there either. Where was everybody? I had a couple of cocktails expecting more people to show up, but it never happened.
OK, then!
I went to Grand Central (formerly Central Station) next, and it was packed full, wall to wall, door to door, hall to hall. In order to get another queen in that place you'd need a lubricant. I spot David so I go over to talk with him for a minute and I found out he's dating Amos! I guess I shouldn't be surprised at the way fate works, but every now and then something throws me for a loop.
After that I was sick of the crowd (and of people bumping into me and nearly burning me with cigarettes) so I went to Leon's, and then I went home.
Saturday and Sunday I went grocery shopping, cleaned the apartment and that's about it. I never just spend time at home I'm so busy running here and there. I needed to recharge my batteries.

Baltimore Gay Pride is this weekend.
I can't wait!