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Life is only what you wonder.

Thursday, June 05, 2003

You Oughta Know

Yesterday started out pretty typical. Just an ordinary day. Then . . .
Around 8-ish at work yesterday Officer Friendly* and Inspector Gadget* came into the restaraunt. They called a number of people into the Banquet Room to answer more questions.
I was one of them.
While this was going on Jenn, another server, was watching my table and she took very good care of my guests, gave me the tips that they left, and bussed my tables for me. She went above and beyond, and I really appriciated it. (Thanx, hon!)
Anyway, remember that packet I told you they made me fill out the last time they were there? Well, they had me go over it again, and asked me to remember exactly everything that happened that night in minute detail.

OK, just for an exercize, pick a day at work last week and see if you can recreate or remember exactly everything you did that day, and everything you saw or experienced.
Go ahead. I'll wait.
Here's my point: unless your work is rich and varied and you do different, exciting, and interesting things every day, one day at work is pretty much like another.
Certainly, different things happen different days and some days are better (sometimes much better) than others, but remembering every little detail is dammned difficult. If something unusual or out of the ordinary occurred I probably would have noticed it, and that's what I told the police.
Anyway, they gave me a card and said if I remembered anything else or had any information to call. I doubt I'll be calling, 'cause I told them everything I know. Hopefully, the'll be content with that and leave me alone in the future.

Trying to make plans for Pride Weekend which is coming up real soon. The Baltimore Gay Life newspaper usually publishes a "Pride Guide" but I haven't seen any lying around.
I guess I'll be existential.

---(*not their real names)