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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Can You Feel It?

I know I always say I don't like surprises, not even pleasant ones, but I think I might be changing my mind about that.
Yesterday was a pretty good day at work.
This doesn't happen that often, so that was a pleasant surprise. Tips were plentiful, work was (almost) effortless, and I got out of there at a decent time. There's nothing better than that.
I decided to go to The Quest after work and (surprise, surprise) my good friend Jeannie was there!
Our schedules are so out of whack we can go for months and months without even calling each other. I hadn't spoken to her in I don't even know how long and out of the blue--boom, there she was!
Then, surprise again, I saw my friend John, who I don't get a chance to see that much either.
Double yay!
He was there with his friend Skip who is straight, but very, very sexy.
Grr! It's not fair! All sexy men should be gay. There should be a law or a rule or something.
So we had cocktails, good conversation.
John buys us a round of "Gilligan's Island" shooters . Very tasty, actually!

Here's the recipe: cranberry Juice, pineapple juice, 99 Banannas, and Malibu or Parrot Bay coconut flavored rum.

Anyway, a nice surprise.
It wouldn't have been the same had it all been planned out.