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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Cleanin' Out My Closet

I decided that I would do something constructive and clean out my closet.
I could leave it there, just say clean out my closet, but it wouldn't convey the actual magnitude of the event.
I don't throw anything away. Anything I think has some value or anything that I think I could make use of in the future gets stored away somewhere. Sometimes it's in one of my (three!) "junk drawers", but most of the time it goes in my closet.
Cleaning out the closet is kind of like an archeological dig on the scale of excavating a buried Egyptian tomb. There weren't any mummified pharoahs among the artifacts I found, but I wouldn't have been surprised.
It is so difficult for me to throw things away. I wonder where I get this from?
Each little thing I uncovered would spark this internal debate:
  • Is this something I need?

  • Is this something I could make use of in the future?

  • Is this something I could bear to part with?

  • If I got rid of this would I regret it later?
I ended up throwing away two "lawn and leaf" sized trash bags of junk, and I'm still not finished.
I'm off work tomorrow so I'll finish it up then.

If I go missing, somebody send out a search party.