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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, July 29, 2003

A Five Minute Story

Holiday At Jolly's

It was way past time for a vacation, so I took a half-day off and went to Jolly Jo's Garden of Dreams off Central Avenue.
All Direct Interface emporiums are pretty much the same anyway, and Jolly Jo's is located in the same mall I lived in. How convienient is that?
I walked through the front entrance and I was greeted by Jolly Jo herself.
She was a short asian woman of undeterminable age wearing an Old Earth style costume of a silk kimono and sash and her black hair was pulled up in a bun.
"Welcome to Jolly Jo's." she said and with short hobbling steps led me to a DI booth. I sat down in the padded chair and let the cushions conform to my body as I sank in.
"What kind of program would you like?" Jolly asked as she strapped down my ankles and wrists with the soft simulated-leather restraints.
"We have some new erotics that you might enjoy."
"Uh, no thanks." I replied.
I wasn't in the mood for that, not that it would matter once I was plugged in.
"Nothing erotic." I told her. "A sensual. Something from Old Earth. Twentieth Century, I think. Surprise me."
She smiled at me, reclined the chair back and then pulled a wire from the back of the chair and inserted the plug at it's end into the socket at the base of my skull.
"I have just the thing." she said, "I think you'll enjoy this. One moment, please." and she exited.
Not a minute later the red light on the arm of the chair winked on indicating the program was ready.
"Program start." I said.
The booth and Jolly Jo's faded and . . .
I noticed how hot it was.
I looked around and I was on a beach. Sunbathers lounged here and there, bodies all oiled up. Others sat under huge umbrellas and drank from tall glasses, also with umbrellas.
The "sun" shown brighly down on me, but I knew better than to look up at it. I did that the first time I tried an Old Earth program and saw purple spots for hours afterward.
If the simulation was accurate you had to wonder how the Old Earther's prevented permanent retinal damage with that bright thing hanging over them.
A tall slender young man appeared at my side holding a tray with a drink on it. I had no idea what it was but it was pink and had some kind of fruit in it.
I took a sip and was overwhelmed by the the exotic flavors. I had never tasted anything so wonderful and refreshing.
I dug my toes into the soft warm sand. The sun beat down and a soft breeze was blowing.
I sighed with satisfaction. This was just what I needed.