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Life is only what you wonder.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

It's A Bad, Bad Thing

It's really really not a good idea to piss off your server when eating in a restaraunt.
And while I'm dispensing advice, don't make an enemy of the bartender at a bar or club, either. (You could get a weak drink. And wouldn't that be just terrible?)
I'm not saying to just take what you get and don't complain.
If it seems like your orders taking too long, or something doesn't taste right, or wasn't what you thought it was, speak your mind about it. No problem!
But just because something isn't right doesn't give anyone the right to berate their server and treat them like garbage.
I had a woman totally go off on me last night because we were out of a menu item we usually carry.
Hello? Is that my fault?
I totally didn't deserve to be treated like that!

Some servers, if disrespected, might "accidentally" drop your filet mignon on the grungy kitchen floor and then plop it right back on the plate as though nothing happened, make your drink in a dirty glass, or possibly something worse.
(What could be worse than that? Trust me, you don't wanna know.)

I would never, ever do something like that, of course.