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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Living In A Material World

We will always have a point of view.
Who? You!
I could not do without.
We're in an awful mess,
And I ripped it like before.

She takes the keys, he breaks the door
She cannot stay here anymore.
When you see that,
I can make you dance.

We can make it all
for you and no beginning, you're here with me.
Though I wish that you would desert me.

You're gonna break my heart.
Will it grow cold?
The secret that I hide?
I know I can go crazy.

That's when I look in your own imagination
So use it.
That's what you want to say goodbye.
So say goodbye.

I used to be loved for who I am,
Not what they want what you do.
I think it does.

That's why we have to pretend.
Some day I was sad and blue.
But you don't.

Who's that girl?
Senorita, mas fina,
Who's that girl?
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