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Life is only what you wonder.

Saturday, July 05, 2003


Have you ever noticed that everyone goes "Ooooh!" when they see fireworks?
Even me.
You'd think by now they wouldn't be as exciting. After all, you've seen 'em before, right?
For me, it never gets old. I still love those bursts of color and sound, the wonderful way the air smells. The smokey, ozone-like chemical scent that you only get from pyrotechnics.
By the rockets red glare I realized how much fun I was having.
I hope you had fun too.

Afterwards, I just had to go have a cocktail, so I hauled by star-spangled butt to Leon's and then over to Central Station Grand Central.
I had a couple of drinks, saw a few people I knew: Eric, Sean, Bernie, and Mel.
Sean was drunk, as usual. I don't think I've ever seen him sober. That boy needs a 12-step program.
Eric gave me a lap dance. I didn't even ask for it. I saw him and said "Hey, you!" and gave him a hug -- the next thing I knew he was on my lap and humping me.
At first it was a nornal Friday Night. Busy, but not too crowded. Before long, though, it got totally packed in there--there were more queens than you could shake your stick at.
There was this girl, Christie, from R.J. Reynolds who was giving out packs of Salems and mints in a little round tin.
I remember someone telling me a little while ago they couldn't give out cigarettes in bars or clubs anymore in Maryland, but they must have been mistaken 'cause there she was.
El Cheapo that I am I picked up a couple packs.
I didn't stay out too late, 'cause I wanted to be fresh for today.
After getting into bed I kept hearing these Pop! pop! Pop! noises, that I thought were gunshots at first.
After a few minutes I realized that it couldn't possibly be, unless a massacre was going on.
Someone around the corner was setting off their own fireworks in the vacant lot.
The last thing I remember it was 2AM and they were still going off.
It didn't bother me, though. If I'm tired enough I can sleep through anything.