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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, July 28, 2003

We Are Everywhere

OK, I was having this conversation with a guy (who was straight) and when I said the phrase "my husband" he asked
"So that makes you 'the wife'?"
I don't get angry at questions like that. They're asking because they don't know.
I always admire the persuit of knowledge.
Anyway, I explained that my definition of the word "husband" is the same as Merriam-Webster's: a male partner in a marriage.
Therefore, we're both husbands!

I've been the "human gaydar unit" at work lately, co-workers coming up to me and asking "Is he gay?" like I have nothing better to do than size someone up to see what their preference is.
I do it anyway. Just for the practice, of course.
It's just that the people they ask about are so obvious!
Yes, the guy with the mascara and nail polish who is prancing around the restaraunt is gay, OK? Ask me a tough question.
It was printed on a t-shirt, "We are everywhere", and it's so true!
PJ was waiting on these two guys and I pulled him aside and said "Hey, if you flirt with them you might get a bigger tip."
"They're gay."
"No way, dude! How can you tell?"
"I can tell, trust me."
"I never woulda known! They look just like regular people!"
"We are regular people!"