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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Work It, Girl!

Work last night was kind of hectic. I had the section right by the front door all to myself.
It's the busiest section, which was good because I knew I was gonna make money regardless, but bad because I couldn't devote as much time to each of my tables as I like to.
I was this blur streaking through the restaraunt. Nobody else at work last night was even half as busy as me.
It really pisses me off when I see everyone in the wait station standing around chatting like they have nothing to do and I don't even have enough time to zip in the bathroom or take a sip of soda.
Out of all the servers there last night the only one who offered to assist me was this girl Jenn.
The lack of teamwork in that restaraunt is appalling.

So after that I just needed to have a cocktail!
There was around one-third of a bottle of Sangria left over in the 'fridge from the other night, but that wasn't going to be enough.
I drank the Sangria while I changed clothes and then bopped over to Leon's, one of my favorite "watering holes".
My girl Shawnna Alexander was there and she was telling me about the Miss Leon's contest on Septmber 6th which she was running for. I told her I wouldn't miss it and promised her I'd be there.
[Note to self: Remember to request that day off!]
She also mentioned they need more performers so I'm going to call my friend Ralph (Summer Skyy) and see if he's interested.

I didn't stay out too late last night. Bert, the bartender, had a trick waiting at home(!) and was so anxious to get there he closed the bar down early.
No big loss. They were slow anyway, everyone was at the Hippo for Men's Night.