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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

You Are Your Own Dog

I'm off today and I'd better take advantage of it because I'm working the next six days in a row.
I was supposed to be off Friday, but I volunteered to work.
I talk about how I hate that place and then I offer to go in on my day off. I must be a glutton for punishment after all.
(Nasty thought, that.)

I was at work last night and they had no Crew Leader scheduled so manager Michelle asked me if I want to be "Acting Crew Leader" for the shift.
I said "Screw you!"
Actually, I didn't say that, although I was sorely tempted to-- believe me.
I did tell her I wouldn't do it though.
What nerve!! They take my badge and my position from me and then they ask me to pull their fat out of the fire?
Nope. Not gonna do it this time.

I'm going to a Chinese restaraunt for lunch today.
I used to go to the Chinese Restaraunt at least twice a week and it's been over two months since I've been there so I have a really big taste for it.
I can hardly wait.
I'm getting so hungry just thinking about it, I'm actually starting to drool all over the keyboard!
Pavlov really knew what he was talking about, didn't he?

I'm probably not going to go out tonight, even though it's my day off.
A better idea is watching a little TV and spending "quality time" with my man.
So that's just what I'll do!