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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

A Fable

Ricardo the Cockroach

Ricardo was an ugly brown cockroach. I'm talking butt-ugly. He was small as cockroaches go, but he thought he was big. Big and bad.
And handsome too.
What was he thinking?
He strutted around intimidating all the incects smaller than him and even some that were much larger.
The other incects thought he was a big bully and they avoided him and talked trash about him behind his back.
"Oh, God! Here he comes!" they would think when he ventured near.
When they saw him coming they would walk the opposite way, and do anything to avoid him. When they absoloutely couldn't avoid him, they smiled at him and acted really friendly so he would leave them alone.
Since no one stood up to him, and acted friendly, he supposed he was really popular, which made him act even worse.
One day, Ricardo was strutting along the sidewalk and got squashed by someone running for the bus, who didn't even see him there.
The other incects acted sad, but they were secretly glad to get rid of the annoying S.O.B.

The moral: Just because people act nice to you, doesn't mean they really like you.