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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

A Five Minute Story

The Shadow Boy

He appeared suddenly out of the dark shadow of the alley.
All she was thinking of was getting home. Her feet were killing her and she was tired from working a double shift at the diner. She was walking fairly quickly down the street, her heels making soft clacking sounds on the damp concrete. If she hadn't turned her head, she wouldn't even have seen him.
He was a small boy around five years old, his face was dirty as if he had been crying and used his grubby hands to wipe his eyes. He was wearing little denim overalls and a striped t-shirt. With his disheveled blond hair, he reminded her vagely of Dennis the Meanace --all that was missing was a slingshot in his back pocket.
Her first instinct was to keep walking, to pretend she hadn't seen him. The subway station was two blocks away and if she didn't hurry she would miss her train and have to wait at least an hour for the next one.
Then she thought of her son Derek, he was about this child's age. Would she want someone to walk by and leave her son lost and alone in the city?
She stopped and turned and stepped hesitatingly toward the boy.
"Are you hurt?" she asked him, "Are you OK?"
"I'm lost!" the boy exclaimed, startling her, "I'm scared! I don't know where my mommy is!"
He ran toward her and hugged her around her legs.
"Poor thing." she thought as she dropped to one knee to better comfort him.
The next thing she felt was his sharp fangs piercing her neck. She tried to push him away but he was unnaturally strong, she couldn't get loose.
She tried to scream for help, but no sound would come.
Then there was only darkness.