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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, August 25, 2003

"I Honor You, Queen Carlotta!"

I honor you, Queen Carlotta!With the Maryland State Fair, the Stone Soul Picnic and because school starts for most Maryland kids tomorrow, this weekend was superduper slow at the restaraunt.

Sundays are usually our busiest day and I spent most of my time in the Wait Station shooting the breeze with the other servers.
So, money-wise this weekend royally sucked.
I didn't work that hard, though. That was the only good thing about it.

I swear, the Head Crew Leader at my restaraunt, Ms. Pat, (also known as Bitch, Crab, Old Lady, and -my personal favorite- Battleaxe) reminds me so much of Queen Carlotta from Desperate Living, it's not even funny.
She even looks like her!
No foolin'!
All she needs is a drag queen's cheap tiara on top of her head and she's a dead ringer.
Not content to just let us stand around, she would roll around the restaraunt bellowing "Don't just stand there! Find something to do!"
I would've pretended I didn't hear her, but that just would make her act even sillier.

I'm on my way to pick up my paycheck, and then I have to cash it and run some errands.

Then, I'm going to Happy Hour.

That drink is going to go down so easy, I can tell already.