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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, August 25, 2003


OK, audience participation time.
If you're sick to death of seeing/hearing about Ben Affleck and J-Lo, raise your hand.

(That woooosh! you just heard was all of North America raising thier hands at once.)

Ben and J-Lo are everywhere.
I see them on Entertainment Tonight, there was a segment on on Celebrity Justice, trailers for the (awful, I'm sure) movie Gigli, J-Lo's all over VH1with her videos, and I was in the Hippo the other day and a video of hers was on and she was imitating on of my favorite movies Flashdance!
Has the woman no shame?
It's like I can't escape them no matter how hard I try.

The best thing "Bennifer" could do is to go on a long, long vacation to some remote place (without cameras) and give us a little break.
If I didn't see them or hear anything about them for a year it would be too soon.