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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Rest In Peace

I'm kind of sad today. I woke up to find that my three goldfish, Leon, Lester, and Whitey died in the middle of the night.
They were my "birthday fish" given to me by G. not last October but the year before.
The thing of it is I can't figure out what killed them. They were just fine yesterday, swimming around in their tank. I had changed their water the day before, checked the pH, checked the temperature, changed the filter--everything I was supposed to.
Anyway, I walked downstairs this morning and turned the fishtank light on and there they were, floating at the top.
So now I'm staring at an empty tank.
I'll get some more eventually. But not right away.

I ran into my good friend Brady the other day when I was at Leon's for happy hour. He's looking really good. I don't see him that frequenly, so it was a special treat.
Lately I've been kind of avoiding going out, because I always end up running into someone, which has happened the last half-dozen or so times I've gone out.
Sometimes it's a good thing and sometimes it's not.
For example, when your out with your husband and a former trick comes up to say hello. It's even more embarrassing when you don't remember the trick's name, which has happened to me once or twice.
Sometimes I think I've got too much "history" in Baltimore.
It's like everyone's seen me, everybody might not "know" me, but they've seen me around, and I'm not "new" anymore.
It was really refreshing when I lived in DC and I used to go out. I'd be out at a club looking at all the new faces and thinking, "Wow! I don't know anybody here!" which was mind-blowing to me because I'm used to seeing alot of the same faces all the time. The bartenders know my name and start making my drink as soon as I walk in the door for Pete's sake! So being around the "new people" was just incredible.
Then, I'd see people checking me out and wondering about me and I'd think, "Nobody knows me here." which was an amazing thought. Baltimore might seem like a big city to some, but when you've been here all your life it actually seems quite small.
Well, to me anyway.
Maybe a move to another location is in order.
Hmmm. Food for thought.