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Life is only what you wonder.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

They Don't Care About Us

I'm not very political.
I've never marched on Washington, held a picket sign, been involved in a Sit-In or anything like that. So actually, because of that, the following has more weight than if I jumped in on every "cause" you can think of.
What am I rambling about, you ask?
OK, here's the story:
I had some time before my shift at the restaraunt yesterday so I decide to wander the mall next door.
My destination was Waldenbooks, to pick up the latest Wonder Woman comic book, and the current issue of Genre, a gay magazine.
So I searched the magazine rack. No Genre.
No Advocate, Out, or Frontiers magazines either.
Then I looked some more. No copies of the black magazines Ebony, Jet, Hip-Hop, or The Source.
Every magazine was geared towards white straight people.
There were 4 different Field and Stream type hunting magazines, 5 different Bridal magazines, and 4 Tattoo magazines-- but nothing for gay, lesbian, or black people.
So I go to the clerk and I ask why and she tells me there's "not much of a demand" for those titles.
Now, I don't expect them to carry every single magazine. For one thing, they wouldn't have enough sheves in the store for them all; and second, how many people are dying to read the latest issue of Contemporary Urology?
It's just crazy that they carry Penthouse--a nudie magazine--but not The Advocate, a news magazine.
So until Walden's diversifies it's selection I'll be buying my reading materials elsewhere.
They don't want my gay money anyway.