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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, August 04, 2003

Turn Sideways I Disappear

I spent the morning running around Baltimore cashing my puny paycheck and getting money orders to pay the bills.

I think they hate me at Eddie's Market.
When I get money orders there I use my tip money and for some reason my restaraunt won't change my dollars to bigger bills (they say it cuts down on register shortages, but I don't believe it) so when I go to get a money order for, say, $150, I give the woman 150 dollar bills.
I hand her this big wad of unsorted, unfaced money and I see her eyes glaze over and she has that "shoot me now" look in her eyes.
Oh, she's nice enough on the surface, but I can almost hear her thinking, "Here comes that @#$!in' bastard with all the mutha@#$!in' one dollar bills again. @#$!in' bastard.! Like I got nothing better to do than count his @#$!in' money!"
That poor woman!
I guess I should be nice and face it and put it in little stacks of fifty or something. Or put a paper strip around it like they do at the bank.
Maybe next time.

OK, so I got bills taken care of, but now I'm almost broke until tomorrow.
Yuck. I hate being without money. It limits your options, you know?
I know I'll get more at work tomorrow, and I've got food in the cabinets and a full pack of cigarettes so I'll be OK 'til then, it's just the idea of it.