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Life is only what you wonder.

Saturday, August 30, 2003

You Know Who You Are

  • To the "loving" parents who "discipline" their children in public by smacking them around: Someone needs to smack you around a bit and see how you like it.
    I see this every single day at my restaraunt. This woman hit her little girl right in the face yesterday because she was crying.
    I ask you, where's the logic in that? "She's crying, so I'll hit her. That'll make her stop."
    It drives me crazy when I see that.

  • To the next person who reads my magazine over my shoulder on the bus: I'm going to roll it up and bop you on the bean with it.
    This will be your only warning.

  • To the "regular" guests at my restaraunt who come in every day, but don't leave a tip: I'm your server, not your friend. If I give you good service, I expect a tip.
    Even when G. sits in my section, he leaves me something, and he's my husband!

  • To the bloggers who complain they "don't have any privacy" and that "everyone's always in their business": Guess what? You put your business out there, so you should've expected this to happen. It's the same deal as celebrities complaining they can't go to the grocery store anymore because they get mobbed by fans--that's the price of fame, baby!