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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

A Five Minute Story

Who's On Top?

In a few hours, I have an appointment at Body Stylists, Inc. for a Change.
It's been about five years. Way past time to shake things up a bit.

If you believe all the horror stories about sex changes in the twentieth century--years of therapy, hormone treatments, radical surgery--it sounds like a nightmare. That people actually went through all that is incredible!
Luckily, science has made a lot of progress in two hundred years.
In this day and age, no actual cutting is required, it's all done genetically.
After I go in, Serene, my personal Body Stylist, will give me a small injection, immerse me in a tank of thick yellow fluid, and I'll sleep for a little while.
The shot I'll be given will consist of a solution of tiny robots smaller than red blood cells ("nanobots" is the popular term) and while I slumber they'll start to work, replacing my Y chromosomes with Xs. Two hours later, I'll wake up twenty kilos lighter and female, just as if I'd been born that way.
Changing back was just as easy.

I've Changed several times before, so It's no big deal, really. Piece of cake.
Serene, my Stylist, Changed every three or four months, but most people Changed much less frequently than that.
If you believe the statistics, three percent of the population never Changed at all during their lifetime.
A pity, really. They don't know what they're missing.

Why the Change?
My best friend Troy is male, as I am now, and he's absolutely beautiful--body and soul.
Over the last couple of years I've found my attraction to him growing deeper and deeper.
I'm in love!
The fly in my ointment is that he's a hetero, male-born, single-sexer.
In layman's terms, this means he was born male, he's one of the three percent who have no desire to Change, and he's only attracted to members of the opposite sex.
I, on the other hand, am a bisex, male-born, omni-sexer: I was born male, I'm attracted to both sexes, and I'm equally at home in a body of either sex.

Troy thinks of me now as a good buddy. Good ol' Jules, his best friend. I'm hoping he'll think of me differently after the Change.
There's not much time left to wait. I'm scared and excited all at once!
Jules is his best friend;
What is he going to think of Julia?