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Life is only what you wonder.

Saturday, September 27, 2003

How Do You Say Degroovy?

I love my new job!

I went in Wednesday night, after I went shopping for new work pants.
I was looking forward to it and dreading it all at once. Starting Over can be stressful if you're somebody who is intimidated by change, like I am.
It was my Training Day, so I expected one night of following the Head Wait around and watching how they do things--nothing to get all excited about.
It turned out to be the Head Wait following me around giving me helpful suggestions while I did everything.
It was a piece of cake. It wasn't anything I hadn't done hundreds of times before.
After awhile, I was getting pretty sick of waiting my trainer's tables while she kept all the tips. I know I was getting paid minimum wage instead of the server's rate for my training day, but I was doing almost all of the work!
It's not fair, I tell you!
I was annoyed, but there wasn't anything I could do about it.
Then, about two hours into the night one of the servers, Karen, had an abscessed tooth (or something--all I know is her face swelled up like a balloon) and was sent home. A manager went to the Head Wait who was training me and asked her if I could handle my own section. The Head Wait said I could and voila! I had my own section the very first night! Yay!
It was a good night and I ended up making decent money for the few hours I was actually in my own section.
I was off to a great start!

I worked a double shift on Thursday and during my shift Blondie came in and sat in my section!
It turns out there's more to the story of why Blondie quit than what I had heard.
Here's the scoop: Apparently, Eboni, a manager there, called Blondie "a skanky white bitch" for absolutely no reason! Because of that, and also because she made no money the entire night and they wouldn't let her take a break she walked out.
I think there's gotta be some kind of legal action she could take.
The statement Eboni made was racist. Before you get all up in arms about that last statement, just think about this:
Let me me say the word "black" in a way that could even be possibly construed as derogatory and let's see how fast I'd get canned!

Anyway, after work I just had to have a cocktail! I went to The Quest.
It was actually a lot of fun.
Woody this guy I met not too long ago was there. He seems really nice. For someone who has a boyfriend he's awful flirty, though! I think (but I'm not 100% sure) he grabbed my butt as I was hugging him goodbye!
Kenny, who used to tend bar at The Allegro was there too, and also a few other people I knew.
I drank a lot, but I didn't get sloppy drunk, and I didn't do anything I'd regret the next day! David was the Bartender and he actually leaped over the bar to give me a goodbye hug. He's so sweet!
It was a great night out. Best fun I've had in awhile.

I ran into my good friend Michael recently. He invited me to go to a Halloween Party at Sue and Bart's house.
I went to their Halloween party a couple of years ago and it was really fun.
You have to go in a costume, though--it's mandatory.
So, now I have to think of a really great costume.

I decided against going as Michael Jackson for a couple of reasons: I'm not as pale as him, so I'd have to put on a ton of whiteface to match his complexion; and, unlike Jacko, I actually have a nose.

I'm thinking about being a pirate, but we'll see. I have plenty of time to figure out something.

I got my new ID in the mail yesterday.
YAY! I'm a person again!