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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, September 12, 2003

Left of the Middle

I finally got some sleep around 3AM. Not enough, but it'll have to do.

I feel like such a bonehead at this point.
Because of what I'm about to do. See, I told her in a response to her post titled "What would you do?":
The light is either on or it's off. Your either pregnant, or your not. There is no such thing as "the Middle road".
And here I am, preparing to travel down that same road that I said never existed in the first place!
Here's the deal: after consulting with various "real life" people who know me and my situation, I had people telling me:

  • "Don't even give them notice! After all you put up with, do they even deserve it?"

  • "If you tell Mr. C. you're leaving he's liable to cut your hours way down --or not even put you on the schedule for next week. You know how he is!"

  • "Tell them after the new schedule is posted on Sunday. That gives them a week and a half, so it's some notice. And that way, your schedule or hours can't be cut."

    That last suggestion actually makes a lot of sense.
    There is a middle road after all, and that's the road I'm takin'.

    I so can't wait to start the new job.