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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

One Week

The countdown begins!
One week (7 days!) at my current job left to go!

It feels liberating and scary all at once! One minute I'm excited and the next I'm apprehensive.
The apprehension is . . .odd, really. I never expected to feel this!
I'll have to get used to a brand new crew, new managers, new ways of doing things. I just know I'm going to feel strange, awkward, and out of sorts until I get used to everything.

I revealed that I was leaving to my coworkers yesterday after putting my letter of resignation on the General Manager's desk.
Everybody seemed shocked that I was going, even though I had bitched and moaned and stated "I hate this place!" more times than I can count. I guess they didn't believe me!
Everybody said they were sad to see me go, and I'm sure I'll be sad too, once it actually happens. As much as I bitch about how lazy everyone is, I love them all in one way or another (with only one or two exceptions). We were a team. A kind of like a family. A sick, dysfunctional family, but a family nonetheless.
It feels like I'm abandonong them or something. And in a way, I guess I am.

Still, life goes on. I gotta do what's right for me.
Whatever it may bring,
Iwill live by my own policies.
I will sleep with a clear conscience.
I will sleep in peace.
"The Emperor's New Clothes"
--Sinead O'Connor