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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

To Insure Prompt Service

Re: this article.
I've discussed tipping before, but only the "server" side of the story. Here's my deal on how I tip when I go out to a restaurant or club.
Servers: I'm a server myself, so when I go to a restaurant, I know (pretty much) what's going on "behind the scenes" and I know what my servers job entails because I do it myself every day.
I also know that the server's salary is more than likely around $2.38 an hour, just like me.
I know what good service is, and I expect it from my servers.
Good service is not that difficult to give!
Good service (more or less) consists of: a warm welcome (greeting), friendliness (personable), knowledge of the menu (specials, ingredients, how it's prepared), attentiveness, anticipating needs, and a "thank you" at the end.
That's it, really.
If I've gotten good service I leave at least 20% if not more.
If the service was adequate, but not phenomenal, 15%.
No matter how bad the service is, I always leave something, but I make sure I let the server know that if they expect more, they better do more to earn it.
(I confess, if the waiter is really really cute I'll give a couple dollars more. Wouldn't you?)

Bartenders: Service from bartenders is different. Their tip depends basically on how quickly they get to me, how personable they are, and the quality of the drink. My formula for tipping bartenders is pretty easy: I leave one dollar per drink.
That's pretty much all the time, even Happy Hour when the drinks are $1.50.

Taxi drivers: 10% of the fare is my usual tip for cabbies.
The only exception is the driver deliberately took a roundabout way to get me to my destination, or was rude, or a reckless driver.

At the salon: I don't go to the fancy hair places, so this is not something I know that much about.
Just how much do you give to the Shampoo Boy?