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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Bargain Bin Queen

Some of my favorite CDs I happened to find in the bargain bin.
Yes, I'M the one looking through every single disc in the big ol' bargain box, hunting for something new; Some lonely, neglected ittle CD that needs a good home.
Most of you have probably never even heard of these bands, but if you see them in the bin, take a chance. You might be pleasantly surprised!
    The Veldt - Afrodisiac
    The Silent Poets - To Come
    The Din Pedals
    Color - Are You With Me?
    Seed - ling
    T42 - Intruder
    Louie Says - Gravity, Suffering, Love, and Fate
    Brown Hornet
    Esthero - Breath From Another
    that dog - Totally Crushed Out
    Hugo Largo - Mettle