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Life is only what you wonder.

Friday, October 31, 2003

Every Antic Ups The Ante

I worked a double shift at work yesterday.
I made very good money, but I'm weary. My next day off isn't 'til Tuesday, so there's not much I can do but keep pluggin' along, like I always do.

My Uncle Ted stopped in the restaurant yesterday. He didn't know I worked there, so it was quite a shock to turn around and see him standing on front of me. He said he wasn't going to stop for lunch anywhere, but a voice in his head told him to.

I need to explain some things, so everything is clear. Ted's not really my uncle. I met Ted years ago (don't ask how many) when I was a "spring chicken" and new to the whole gay scene. Ted was in his 50's then, and would look a lot like Santa Claus if you put him in a red suit and he grew a beard and had hair on his head.
Anyway, Ted befriended me, "showed me the ropes", occasionally bought me drinks when I was down and out, always had an understanding ear when I would tell him all my woes and about all the drama going on in my life.
I'm not naive. I know he wanted more than just friendship with me--but he never took advantage of me, never expected more of me than what I could give.
As you might have guessed, I wasn't his only "nephew".
Anyway, it was an amazing coincidence seeing him, because I was going through all of my shoeboxes of photos just the night before and I saw a picture of him. "Uncle Ted!" I thought, I wonder how he's doing?" because it's been years and years since I saw him last.
Then, the very next day--there he was!
Things like that make me wonder . . . Was it really "coincidence"?
If I hadn't seen his picture and thought about him, would he have been there?
Was Ted's "impulse" to eat at my restaurant simply happenstance, or was it something else?
I will probably never know for sure, but it's uncanny how things like that happen.
Anyway, that was an interesting blast from the past. I wonder who I'll run into next?

I went to The Quest after work last night and ran into Mike. He was like "I'm so glad I ran into you!" and then told me that Sue cancelled her Halloween party. (He wouldn't say why no matter how much I pressed him, so I'll have to call her soon and get the dirt.)
It's just as well, because I hadn't gotten a costume yet anyway.
Nancy at work asked me to change my morning shift with her evening shift today so she could take her kids trick or treating, and I was a nice guy and said yes.
I'll be working 'til about 11:30 and then I'm going out after work somewhere for cocktails. I'm taking a change of clothes with me.
I have no idea where I'm going.
I'll know when I get there.

Have a happy Halloween, everybody!