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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

In His Satin Tights, Fighting For Your Rights

    Question of the Day:
    If you had a device that could give you a super power (flight, super-strength, etc.), which power would you choose?
My answer?
Flight would be pretty cool. No more taking the #$%@! bus. Baltimore would look like a giant child's beatuiful toy way up near the clouds. I'd be the envy of everyone. "Whee! Looka me!"
Super-strength would be awesome as well. Anybody tries to mess with me I could knock 'em into next week and see you next Tuesday.
Then I'm thinking invisibility. You could see all kinds of private things if you were invisible. You could sneak away if someone were after you. It'd be awsome if you were trying to avoid someone. ("See you later!" "Not if I see you first!") But my clothes would have to be invisible too, 'cause I wouldn't want to have to walk around everywhere naked.
Invulnerability would be pretty darn convienent, wouldn't it?
How about the power to stop time? I would always get enough sleep. I could stop time in the middle of work and take a little nap and come back later. But then again with time stopped and me not stopped would probably make me appear to age alot faster, so that wouldn't be good at all. Super-speed has similar disadvantages.
Mind-reading would be excellent. There wouldn't be anything you couldn't find out. You could blackmail just about anyone, because everybody has a dirty little secret.
My final answer: invisibility.
How 'bout you?