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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

Who Put The Acid In My Spam?

What a weird fuggin' day!

I had the Lunch Shift today at the restaurant, and not even ten minutes after we open the power goes out.
I don't know what happened, but the power was out on the whole block, traffic lights and everything.
So everyone's wondering if we're gonna close, what's gonna happen.
Anyway, the power was off for over an hour and everybody's thinking we were going to close. We're all talking about how we're going to spend the day.
I know I need money, and I was off for the last two days, but I'm still as giddy as a kid on a snow day.
YAY!!! I get to go home!!
We stared shutting things down, cleaning things up, and just as we were preparing to go . . .
you guessed it, the power came back on.
So we had to turn right around and start all over again.
By the time I actually got my first table it was 1:30 PM.
I ended making OK money anyway, it was just a really strange day.

The house is looking pretty good (if I do say so myself).
I've been spending all my free time fixing it up.
The entire downstairs is painted. The bathroom floor has been retiled. (That was the husband's project. He did a very decent job. You never woulda guessed he'd never laid tile down before!)
The next step is painting the front door and then I'm going to work on the second floor.

My friend's Mom was getting rid of her china cabinet and she said I could have it so it's sitting in our empty (but freshly painted) dining room.
It's probably lonely sitting there all by itself.
It'll have company as soon as we get the new furniture out of lay-away.

The more I do to the house, the more I see that needs to be done.
It's never-ending!