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Life is only what you wonder.

Monday, October 06, 2003


Hooo, boy! Here's what's been going on.
The best news first:
G. and I got a house!
I didn't post anything about it, or even mention it to anybody because I was afraid of something going wrong.

Overly superstitious, I guess, but I didn't want to jinx anything.

We found out that we got it for sure on our anniversary, October 1st.
We just finished moving out of the old place and into the new one.
Thank God it's over. (I hate moving with a passion!)

Anyway, about the new pad:
It's a three-bedroom rowhouse with an attic and basement, and it's at least three and a half times larger than our cozy 1 bedroom loft. It looks absolutely bare with the little bit of furniture that's in it.
It needs some work, though, mostly decorating-wise.
The wackadoodles that had this house before us painted the dining room Chinese Red, the living room walls are Brick Red on top with Forest Green below and a God-awful yellow "lotus blossom" trim.

Then you have the upstairs . . .
The second floor has to be seen to believed. The walls are this day-glo fluorescent aqua color that could give sight to the blind!
Oh, it's just too horrible. What were they thinking?

And these were gay guys who had this house previously, so don't believe the hype! (No matter what they say on Queer Eye for the Straight Guy!)

So, painting is #1 on my list of Things To Do.
Then there's carpeting, refinishing the hardwood floors, and then buying furniture.
It'll be a project, but a good one. A labor of love.

As for everything else, things are going OK.

I've got a lot on my plate for today, though. I've got to zip over to the Post Office to fill out "change of address" forms, go get an extra set of keys made, pick up checks from the old job and the new one and cash 'em.

I better get started while I still have the energy.