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Life is only what you wonder.

Tuesday, November 18, 2003

All The Leaves Are Brown, And The Sky Is Grey

(Can't you just hear Mama Cass and Michelle Phillips singing in the background?)

It's a yucky day today. Windy, drizzly, overcast and cold.
Winter is coming fast, so I guess I'd better get my Eskimo suit out of the closet.

I just got home from running all these errands and as soon as I'm done typing this I'm going to get on the horn and see if I can get everyone together for a rousing game of Spades for tonight.
It's so difficult to get everybody together. Everyone's schedules are so crazy these days.
I remember we used to hang out and play Spades every Monday Night, (right after Melrose Place), while consuming mass quantities of alcholoholic beberages and way too many cigarettes.
Anyway, if I can't get a game together, I guess I'll just go out to one club or another.

This is why so many gay men are alcoholics.
There's not much else to do but hang at the gay bar.