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Life is only what you wonder.

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

A Five Minute Story


He walked with his head down, eyes slightly unfocused, shuffling along like one of them, so no one would suspect.
Past Cassandra, the street whore, shooting up on her stoop, who would've been kind of pretty without the track marks all over her arms, between her fingers.
"You wanna . . . date?" she slurred, with her eyes glassy and half-open as he walked past.
He ignored her and continued walking, past the vending machines with their vials of crack and packets of joints, beyond the billboards advertising a new brand of cocaine ("Toot! The best for your buzz!").
The garbage that littered the streets was ridiculous. Newspapers, old bottles of Buzz cola, disposable syringes and other unrecognizable bits of trash were everywhere. Everything looked in disrepair, looked like it was covered in grime, in filth.
He walked through the park with it's drinking fountains, the water laced with amphetamines, past the group of young thugs, all with their THC cigaretts dangling out of the corner of their mouths, their eyes permanantly red, bloodshot.
In the center of the park a vendor was giving away little yellow pills with a smiley face stamped on them.
"Get your free sample of Happy here!" he shouted, "Free samples!" and people shuffled up to take what he handed them.
He finally reached his destination. He walked up to the door of the closed-down shop, it's windows boarded up, the whole block abandoned, derelict. He knocked three times, pasued, then twice more.
"Who is it?" came the bark of a voice behind the door.
"I am your brother." he answered, the the code-phrase a permanant part of his memory now.
The door opened and he darted in quickly.
He greeted Silvio and his brother Tony, the two burly twins that guarded the door.
"Where's Chris?" he asked them.
"Downstairs," Silvio told him, "Tending the Garden."
The Garden, he thought with reverence, was a minor miracle. The Garden, where they grew their organic food, natural food without drugs or chemicals.
Carrots, lettuce, beans, tomatoes. All natural, the way God intended.
He started to walk towards the steps that led downstairs when Tony poured him a tall glass of pure, untainted, water from a pitcher and handed it to him. It was cool to the touch and it sparked in the glass like a diamond.
He took it eagerly and drank down every drop.
How delicious it tasted!